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Uniflora with the many years of experience in the wholesale sector of flowers and decoration material is able to service professionals of many different sectors. 


Flower shops:
Flower shops constitute the biggest section of clients and the main activity of the company. They can buy flowers from Greek producers or imported, as well as other material that is necessary for their operation (wrapping material, ribbons, Moss, pots, etc). Uniflora provides the possibility of immediate shipment all over Greece.


Hotels of all types and sizes have need of decoration with flowers and other material. Uniflora services them with simple procedures and in prices of their interest. The shipment of their orders is also possible.


Decorators’ needs in flowers and decoration material are many and different according to the project they have undertaken. Uniflora with the big assortment of products that offers and its expertise gives solutions to them and proposes new and innovative material.


Social events organizers:
For the organization of an event –from a simple one to a marriage, the decoration of the space is essential. Uniflora can supply the organizers with all the material they need and decreases that way significantly the time needed for finding decoration solutions.


Uniflora supplies caves with all the decoration and wrapping material they need for the effective presentation and disposal of their products.


Pastry Shops:
Uniflora supplies pastry shops with the flowers they need for the decoration of cakes and other sweets immediate and in prices of their interest. They can also select from the big assortment of complementary products (ribbons, wrapping material etc.).


Reception Halls / Event spaces:
Reception Halls and other events spaces are decorated according to the needs and requests of the clients. Uniflora with the wide products’ assortment and its expertise contributes to the offer of extra service to their client – the decoration of the space.


Various professionals:
The need for decoration is endless. Uniflora offers ideas and material for the decoration of professional spaces: spaces of waiting, areas of customers’ service, shops windows etc.